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Customer Communication Manager


In our digital age, customers expect that you communicate and interact with them on their terms, via their preferred channels. Companies that use your solutions struggle with how to streamline their communication efforts while also enabling dynamic, personal content that optimizes all of their preferred delivery channels.

With a unified platform that eliminates the need for multiple document generation and output management tools, Kofax Communications Manager™ enables you to add better customer engagement, allowing your customers the ability to manage and maintain a smooth end user interaction in the manner they prefer to communicate in. Now they can produce and manage personal, accurate and high-quality communications that meet and exceed their customer expectations.

Ideal for any outbound communication, including contracts, proposals, insurance and mortgage documents, a single, easy-to-integrate software product puts your customers in control of their correspondence with minimal IT involvement. Documents can be delivered across a wide range of channels—such as e-mail, print or online—making the solution a key component in your digital transformation initiatives.

Increase Customer Intimacy by Creating Tailored Communications

Move your solution from “personalized” to “personal” with communications that enhance customer conversations with the software’s template engine that automatically combines data (structured content) from various sources and converts it into tailored documents.


Tailor Made “Standard” Documents

Allow your solution customers to deliver either fully automated documents and responses or let them create documents on the fly that have all the characteristics of a standard document, yet tailor made for individual situations.

No Need to Involve Customer IT Departments

Once implemented, KCM pushes the development and deployment of documents down to the line of business level. By integrating KCM into your solution, you allow your customers the easiest, most streamlined path to creative document management and customization, without getting on the IT departments calendar.

Flexible Deployment Models

You want to give your customers the right choice in how they deploy your solution. with our software, you can either stand up a SAAS communication platforms with multi-tenant capabilities, or you can run our solution alongside yours in the customer’s data center. Web services interfaces allow easy integration into most any software environment.


Programming API

By default, the Kofax Communication Manager installation package deploys a single instance of the KCM software consisting of KCM Core, KCM Repository, KCM Designer, KCM ComposerUI for HTML5, KCM ComposerUI for J2EE, and the Contract Manager. The installation creates one instance ready for use, but you can append additional KCM instances if required. The Contract Manager is the interface to Kofax Communications Manager for all communications (run time, design time, and system management).

Currently, the Contract Manager has two roles:

  • Expose services (SOAP)
  • Proxy HTTP(S) traffic

The Contract Manager has its own database in which all the interface definitions are stored. It communicates with KCM Core directly over TCP/IP. Although KCM ComposerUI for J2EE is deployed, KCM ComposerUI for HTML5 is used by default.language support.

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The documentation set for Kofax Communications Manager is available here

In addition to this guide, the documentation set includes the following items:

Kofax Communications Manager Release Notes

Contains late-breaking details and other information that is not available in your other Kofax Communications Manager documentation.

Kofax Communications Manager Getting Started Guide

Describes how to use Contract Manager to manage instances of Kofax Communications Manager.

Help for Kofax Communications Manager Designer

Contains general information and instructions on using Kofax Communications Manager Designer, which is an authoring tool and content management system for Kofax Communications Manager.

Kofax Communications Manager Repository Administrator's Guide

Describes administrative and management tasks in Kofax Communications Manager Repository and Kofax Communications Manager Designer for Windows.

Kofax Communications Manager Repository User's Guide

Includes user instructions for Kofax Communications Manager Repository and Kofax Communications Manager Designer for Windows.

Kofax Communications Manager Repository Developer's Guide

Describes various features and APIs to integrate with Kofax