Kofax Customer Communications Manager

Engage with Your Customers Across Multiple Channels


Be empowered to communicate when, where and how your customers prefer. Kofax Customer Communications Manager enables you to create relevant, accurate, and highly personalized content, delivered in both paged (e.g. print or PDF) and non-paged formats (e.g. email, HTML, and XML).

Ideal for any outbound communications, such as contracts, proposals, insurance and mortgage documents, this powerful software puts line-of-business managers in control of their correspondence and reduces dependency on the IT department.


Kofax Customer Communications Manager is fully integrated with Kofax TotalAgility® and Kofax SignDoc®, infusing interactive customer communications into your business processes. Organizations with digital transformation initiatives benefit from this integration as all correspondence with your customers (including the capture of signatures) can be managed digitally.

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Improve Communications With Your Customers

Kofax Customer Communications Manager enables you to communicate effectively and accurately, thereby providing an enhanced customer experience that exceeds expectations.

Easily Customize Your Communications

Quickly respond to market developments and continuously changing customer needs. Customizing communications has never been easier.

Empower Business Users to Manage Customer Communications

Minimize demands on IT by giving business users control over customer communications. Enable them to easily and independently create and manage documents and templates.

Browser-based Interactive Document Composition

The browser-based wizard guides business users through the document composition process, enabling them to select text blocks and content elements or enter additional data.

Produce Documents in Real-Time, No User Interaction Needed

Documents using application data can be produced in real-time simply by sending a request to the server-based communications engine.

Edit Documents with Your Standard Business Applications

Document editing is as simple as working with industry standard authoring tools. Integration of Microsoft Word and Open office.org empowers you to work in a familiar environment.