Kofax Insight

Process Intelligence and Analytics


Kofax Insight™ delivers unique analytics and process intelligence capabilities to monitor, analyze and help you optimize your operational business processes to ensure compliance, reduce risk and provide unprecedented insights that help you achieve operational excellence. Insight is the only process intelligence platform solution platform that combines process discovery, monitoring and analysis with rich business intelligence, analytics and data integration tools in a single, unified solution to allow users to rapidly achieve in-depth visibility and understanding of their business process operational performance and compliance. This unique integration of process and business intelligence helps organizations understand, analyze, and gain an unparalleled view of their business processes through the lens of their clients and customers.

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Analyze process performance when you want

No more waiting for IT to build a data warehouse, a data mart or have a proprietary data model updated. Analyze your business on your schedule.

Accessible to Line of For Business Users (Not Just Analysts)

Anyone in your organization can see their information the way they want to - tailored to their needs

Become Business Process Aware

Compare, group and focus your analysis on how your organization is executing business processes. Understand the behaviors that drive how customers, clients and users engage with your business processes and how those patterns of execution impact your bottom line.

Timely, Accurate Metrics

Insight provides visualizations and analyses of all process and business information, enabling organizations to make fast, fact-based decisions.

Evaluate Operations and Diagnose Problems

Intuitive graphical interface empowers users to investigate operational data, discover issues and evaluate the effectiveness of resolutions.

Anticipate problems before they impact your business

Identify problems, take action and make impactful analytics-based decisions before they impact affect your customers.