Kofax Communication Server

Automate the exchange of inbound and outbound business communications between media, devices, applications and users

Kofax Communication Server

Kofax Communication Server™ coordinates and performs the automated exchange of information by integrating inbound and outbound communication channels. It links virtually any device such as MFPs and phone systems, as well as media types like email, fax, SMS, MMS, voicemail and telex. It is also the ideal means for information exchange between applications such as ERP, CRM, and Kofax document capture products – as well as today’s popular social collaboration tools. With Kofax Communication Server organizations can exchange information in the formats most appropriate for their customers and partners, enable intelligent routing and trace information for compliance purposes.

Kofax Communication Server ensures the reliable exchange of business critical messages between applications, devices and people. By integrating its capabilities with business processes, regardless of location, device or media type, it supports automation to accelerate those processes.

Trigger Business Processes with Information Captured from Email and Attachments

As the use of email becomes increasingly common the ability to respond and act quickly to such communications is key to a positive customer service experience. Capturing email and other documents as soon as they enter the organization, turning them into actionable digital information, and routing that information to workflows, processes and applications is the key to automating document driven business processes and achieving operational excellence and sustainable cost reductions.

Unified Messaging

With an integrated messaging solution business information is available via different media such as email, fax, telex, phone, SMS or MMS. Individuals can access this information via different devices while in the office, on the road or anywhere their business takes them.

As a result, accessing information from various sources such as a computer, fax, or cell phone and searching for the appropriate communications channel is quicker and it can be smoothly integrated into an employee's normal work environment – e.g. in their MS Outlook or Lotus Notes mailbox.

The unified system ensures that business critical information is delivered to employees efficiently and quickly. You will profit from considerably lower administration costs, motivated staff and a workload reduction. Furthermore, duplicate messages are avoided, telephone costs reduced (VoIP/FoIP), response times shortened and communications can be tracked.

Production Messaging

The integration of communication media like fax and email into business processes improves business workflow, reduces operational cost and helps to comply with legal requirements. With the Kofax Communication Server incoming messages are compressed, stored and forwarded quickly to the right business process independent of media or format type. Messages can no longer get lost or delayed.

Outgoing messages can be sent to any recipient and any system, individually or as a mass mailing via different media types like fax, email, SMS or voice. Automatically generated calls are useful to escalate critical events like a system shutdown or any other kind of alerting.

Enhance Your Communication Capabilities

Kofax Communication Server combines business communications into an integrated system that enables and automates communication with business processes, regardless of location, device or media type.

Improve Business and Personal Productivity

Kofax Communication Server is highly scalable and delivers rapid payback while providing improved speed and performance in a high volume environment.

Increase Accuracy

Improve the speed, accuracy and reliability of information exchange by minimizing the need for manual intervention.

Gain Flexibility

Scale the number and variety of communication channels needed as the business requirements of the organization grows.

Improve Compliance

Capture all relevant communication events according to regulatory requirements through centralized rights management and tracking.

Reduce Infrastructure and Administration Costs

Reduce the cost of maintaining device-specific channels by exchanging information through a consolidated communications system.