Business Process Management

Automate, manage and improve business processes

Business Process Management

Kofax business process management (BPM) capabilities enable organizations to master routine and unpredictable work for optimized performance. With Kofax BPM software solutions, organizations can quickly and effectively automate business processes, increase the productivity of knowledge workers and resolve exceptions promptly if they arise—all while acting on critical information captured during the process.

Kofax TotalAgility is a complete BPM solution that provides all the tools necessary for the entire lifecycle of your business processes, including their design, development, test, deployment, use and continuous improvement.

Lower Business Costs and Increase Efficiency

Increase automation and reduce inefficiencies in your organization, allowing you to make better use of your people and systems, minimizing errors and reducing costs.

Increase Business Agility and Adaptability

Gain business agility and adapt to the changing environment by quickly redesigning and deploying processes and related business policy rules.

Enhance Transparency

Increase visibility, monitoring and analysis of operational performance and business processes, down to an individual process level.