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Daniel Schmidt August 08, 2018 | By Daniel Schmidt

Top 3 Ways You Can Deploy Robots to Extract and Integrate Web Data

Struggling to acquire and integrate the web data you need? Aggregating data that’s Fresh Comprehensive Timely Dynamic Multilingual is a tall order for the mere human or web scraping tool. Enter robotic process automation, your enterprise-level solution for extracting and integrating web data that powers critical business insights.

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Daniel Schmidt April 09, 2019 | By Daniel Schmidt

Where Should You Start Your Intelligent Automation Journey?

Automation is the future. Most organizations―and likely yours as well―have automation as one of its key priorities for 2019 and beyond. But you may be asking yourself, where should we begin this journey toward automation?

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Daniel Schmidt April 23, 2019 | By Daniel Schmidt

Fuel RPA with “Smart” Cognitive Document Automation

As organizations implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate their tasks and processes, they frequently get stuck when their robot needs to “read” something more complex than a simple structured piece of data. 

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Daniel Schmidt September 04, 2018 | By Daniel Schmidt

RPA and AI—The New Intelligent Digital Workforce

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are emerging, hot markets. Just do a quick web search and you’ll see the excitement of many organizations looking to adopt these two technologies. But wait a second: In that quick web search you’ll also see many questions.

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Daniel Schmidt October 03, 2019 | By Daniel Schmidt

6 Insights to Transform your Business with the Powerful Duo of RPA and Process Intelligence

Continuing with business as usual—you know that isn’t going to get your organization where it needs to be and where you want it to be. And whether your goal for digital transformation is saving time and money, expanding operations or just delivering better service to customers (or all of these), you risk falling short if you miss the forest for the trees.

RPA and BPM – The Perfect Match
Daniel Schmidt November 05, 2018 | By Daniel Schmidt

RPA and BPM: Intelligent Automation Starts Here

Business Process Management (BPM) or Robotic Process Automation (RPA)--which to choose? The right choice depends on the challenge you need to overcome, and surprisingly, the right answer is often "both." This is particularly true as digital business transformation increasingly moves toward embracing the full spectrum of intelligent automation capabilities (such as machine learning and intelligent OCR).

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