Kofax Vision

Transforming the First Mile of customer engagement


Whether it’s opening a new account, applying for a loan, filing a claim, enrolling in school or applying for benefits—people expect these common, high-value customer journeys to be simple, straightforward and fast. And they want to engage on their terms. Today, that means the convenience of doing it anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Engaging Customers

The challenge in virtually any organization is that these important, information-intensive interactions—which we call the First Mile™ of business—are traditionally manual, resource intensive, complex and error-prone. This is because backbone legacy systems that run businesses were not designed to provide the level of interactive self-service, speed, awareness, collaboration and adaptability to effectively interact with today’s systems of engagement.

Digitally Transform Processes

Kofax provides an essential connection between those “systems of record” and today’s modern “systems of engagement” and digitally transforms the processes driving these interactions—such as capturing information, automating workflows and signing documents. By digitizing and reducing latency between all the touchpoints along the customer journey, organizations can deliver faster and more enjoyable experiences that create lasting relationships.

Systems of Engagement, Systems of Record