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print, capture & PDF success stories

eCopy ShareScan brews
up document capture and
indexing success at N&W
Global Vending

Company profile

N&W Global Vending is a world-leader in the production of
automatic snack and beverage vending machines. Founded
in 2000 following the merger of two respected vending
companies – Wittenborg of Denmark, and the Italian
company Necta – today N&W Global Vending is an
international player, offering a wide-range of vending
machines and related products and services, for hotels,
restaurants, cafés and offices. With the improving economic
climate, N&W Global Vending recognized the need to drive
new workflow efficiencies, save time, lower costs and
prepare for the growing demand for its products and
services. Today, Nuance eCopy ShareScan and eCopy
Watch Service are instrumental in helping it achieve these


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" It’s an excellent solution. It is easy to integrate, easy to use and it works very effectively. An
item can be scanned and
indexed correctly in less time
than it takes to walk back to your

Mick Goodwin
IT & Cost Control Managers
N&W Global Vending


To overhaul document capture and indexing

To reduce admin and redeploy staff to more
rewarding, beneficial tasks

To make it easier to locate PDFs of orders and


Paper, paper, everywhere: Mick Goodwin, IT & Cost Control Manager at N&W Global Vending, explains the driver for deploying imaging solutions from Nuance. “We identified that we had a very labor intensive routine for processing Order Packs and invoices and archiving them into our existing INVU document management system. We had one person on this task and it was close to being a full-time job for them. We had to find a better way to capture, collate and index Order Packs and invoices.”

Order Packs are comprehensive bundles comprising order forms and supporting emails, correspondence and even handwritten notes. Previously, the collation of Order Packs was a complex and time-consuming process, which took one member of staff the best part of a working day, alternating between scanning, printing and manually collating documents before scanning them back in again, using a standard MFD scan-to-folder function for manual import and indexing into INVU. Given that the company produces up to 300 Order Packs a month, the decision was made to invest in capture software that would automate as much of the capture and indexing process as possible. Further complexity was added to the document workflow process, as Mick explains: “Invoices are supplied from our JD Edwards ERP system based at our head-office in Italy. The invoice PDF often contains multiple invoices and they are also multi-paged. These were printed out and then scanned back in individually, which also made this a time-consuming task.”

The Nuance eCopy solution to effective capture and indexing: When assessing document capture software, Mick was advised to consider Nuance eCopy ShareScan and eCopy Watch Service by its managed print service supplier. Nuance eCopy ShareScan is an MFP document capture solution that completely automates and simplifies workflows to provide users with advanced imaging capabilities. eCopy Watch Service is an email and folder watching functionality. It captures electronic files and documents by monitoring network folders or email addresses. This enables organizations to expand eCopy ShareScan workflows to include electronic documents, files, and images from virtually any source – including mobile devices, email addresses, and MFPs or scanners not on the supported device list.

The ease of integration: When assessing the available capture solutions, one aspect that stood out for Mick was ShareScan’s straightforward integration with INVU, meaning the company wouldn’t have to make any additional investments to support the implementation, while maximizing the investment already made in other applications. Another feature that appealed was ShareScan’s simplicity and ease of use. “It’s essentially two buttons on the screen of our MFP and the interface is very neat and straightforward to use,” explains Mick. These factors, combined with Mick’s previous positive experience with solutions from Nuance Imaging, meant the decision was made to deploy ShareScan. It is a decision that has rewarded N&W Global Vending with a far slicker process for Order Pack creation, thanks to ShareScan’s barcode recognition, extended forms processing and eCopy Watch Service.

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