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Unified Design Environment 

Leverage a single robot design studio that enables robot builders to visually recognize applications, screen areas and objects in real-time as you are building the robot automation workflow

Multiple Data Sources and Types

Support all types of application environments and data sources, including web sites, portals, enterprise systems, legacy applications, Excel, Email, XML, JSON, CSV, and SQL

Centralized Robot Deployment and Management 

Deploy, manage and execute robots from a centralized server and communicate with applications running in a virtualized environment; concurrent running of robots enables superior performance and scalability

Robotic Synthetic API™

Automatically publish robots with a standard Java, .NET, SOAP and RESTful interface which can be used to control robotic processes from external applications and remote systems

Flexible, Scalable Deployment

Easily scale with a stateless, multi-threaded architecture that can be implemented as an on-premise enterprise deployment or provisioned in the cloud

Integrated Web Browser Engine

Delivers superior web application automation support and supports the execution of multiple robots concurrently on a server, versus requiring multiple virtual desktops and a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) to run

Micro Apps Powered by Robots

Lightweight business applications called Kofax RPA Kapplets can be designed to execute robots based on set parameters or present data back to a business user

Built-In Analytics and Process Intelligence

Gain insight from out-of-the-box dashboards on robot operations and system performance; customize dashboards to analyze employee productivity and other key process elements; identify trends and improve processes over time