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Are your corporate strategic goals driving automation? For the majority of enterprises, it is, and automation ambitions are focused on job roles and activities of people rather than automating existing process through significant changes to underlying systems. This is an area where Kofax has strong expertise, and with Kofax Intelligent Automation we are delivering artificial intelligence along with workstream automation as a single-vendor platform.

Automate End-to-End Processes with an Open and Scalable Platform

From day one, you can leverage all Kofax capabilities on a unified platform to digitize and automate your critical operations. Our flexible, consumption-driven pricing model allows you to pay for what you use, avoiding large upfront software licensing outlays and paying for capability you don’t use.

Monitor Your Digital Operations and Connect IT with the Business

Scale, monitor and integrate automation with your workforce for significant efficiencies and record time-to-value. The Kofax IA platform supports integration of business and IT functions, preventing operations automation failures or gaps that can arise due to software changes and upgrades that take place along the SDLC.

Deliver an Open Platform that Supports AI Enablement

Kofax Intelligent Automation integrates with third-party AI solutions and open source ML tools such as Python, Webservices, .NET integration, SOAP and REST. It serves as the “connective tissue” with existing digital solutions to accelerate enterprise digital transformation.

Accelerate High-Value Customer Journeys with Intelligent Automation

Helping Clients Succeed

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Delta Dental of Colorado

We now have a virtual workforce working alongside our teams, handling repetitive tasks far faster than a human ever could.

Accelerate your workstreams – integrating automation and AI with Kofax Intelligent automation

Combining RPA with machine learning, cognitive document automation, analytics and other AI technologies can help you achieve your corporate goals. Whether your automation ambitions are to improve quality, boost workforce productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, or gain operational efficiencies, Kofax Intelligent Automation can meet your needs.

Power Your Processes.
Empower Your Customers.