Empower Insurance Policyholders, Brokers and Agents through Self-Service and Lower Costs


Today’s insurance policyholders, brokers and agents place a high premium on service, and they increasingly expect to be able to interact with your business via multiple channels—whether applying for a policy or initiating a claim. In fact, 82% of customers expect to interact via a combination of in-person and mobile. Requiring customers to visit an office, enter data repeatedly or wait days for claims status will negatively impact your organization’s ability to attract and retain business.

Elevate customer onboarding by empowering customers to interact with you anytime and anywhere; for example, allow customers to use their mobile device to snap a photo of an ID or document to accompany a policy application, or a photo of damage to initiate first notice of loss (FNOL). Keep customers informed throughout the process via the communication channel of their choice. Embrace a digital self-service/assisted-service model via a single, open platform to build customer loyalty while driving efficiencies in your business.

How Smart Mobile Capture Can Give Your Business the Competitive Edge

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Without a doubt, Kofax solutions are helping us to adapt as customer demands and market conditions change, and maintain our leading position on the market. As more customers move to the mobile platform, it will free up brokers from pushing paper and give them more time to focus on value-added activities.

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When you embrace a digital self-service/assisted-service model, you build loyalty by offering customers the control, functionality and visibility they expect—all while enjoying faster processing, fewer errors and greater efficiencies.

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