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The application process is often the first and most information-intensive interaction you will have with your constituents. As a government agency today, you face the challenge of interacting with different generations and their varying expectations when engaging with your agency. Some constituents are more comfortable with paper and in-person meetings, while others want immediate, anywhere application access, from any device. How do you capture your constituents’ information, communicate using their preferred channel, and conquer your own processing hurdles - all at the same time?

Allow constituents to submit applications using mobile, web, or traditional paper-based channels and automatically send that information to your agency’s current systems to speed processing, enhance communication and improve operational efficiency. Streamlining your application processing can significantly improve constituent engagement for public assistance programs, business licenses, workforce development programs and more.

Seven Ways to Make Your First Mile Smarter for Government

Helping Clients Succeed

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Governments must be prepared to meet citizens on their own terms and via their preferred channels (for example, paper, online, in-person, by phone, via mobile devices); also they need to offer citizens the opportunity to switch channels mid interaction.

Power Program Applications with Automation

When you automate and simplify the collection and processing of constituent information for government programs, you reduce your application processing time from days to minutes and make your constituents’ experience as easy and smooth as possible.

Power your application processes. Empower your constituents.