Process intelligence adds the missing ingredients that common business intelligence (BI), business process management and other products lack—the ability to see and understand actual process flows and to take action instantly on the insights you gain. Through process intelligence, you are empowered with the details necessary to determine root cause, uncover opportunities for operational improvement and quickly make changes that positively impact your customers, your partners and your business.

Deploy advanced functionality for operational performance improvement and data visualization, and quickly analyze and optimize your business operations—all from a unique process intelligence platform that reaches every corner of your operation to deliver the actionable insight you need.

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You can’t improve a process if you don’t know where the issues or bottlenecks are, and this is where analytics becomes incredibly valuable. The level of transparency that Kofax Analytics has brought to our operations has been incredible. For the first time, we can track exactly what’s happening with all of our invoices—where each invoice goes, how many duplicates exist, who processed which invoice the fastest, the average cycle time for an invoice, and more.

Power productive visibility in digitized processes.

When you can monitor and analyze the quality of your business workflow in next-to-real time, you can optimize current processes immediately based on actionable insights and drive continuous improvement across your entire organization.

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