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Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Are you serving them as fast and efficiently as you can? Manually processing customer orders leaves your business open to processing errors, fulfillment delays, and a lack of visibility that can drain your resources, hinder customer service and ultimately hurt your reputation.

As organizations investigate ways to provide higher quality service to customers, sales order processing automation is proving to be effective in increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. What is the difference between manual order processing and sales order automation? Process orders with up to an 80% reduction in manual effort, and tame order chaos to better serve your customers’ needs, reduce errors and decrease returns and concessions.

Automating these [order-to-cash] process steps enables faster, more accurate handling of receivables, reduces DSO and permits access to current information about customer payments.

The Hackett Group Using Advanced Document Process Automation to Improve the Financial Supply Chain, March 2016

Helping Clients Succeed

Cook Medical
DAK Americas

The manual handling caused a significant amount of chaos. To meet our deadlines and not set back the shipping department, we needed a more efficient way to process purchase orders.

Lou Ann Fortner Customer Service Manager, Cook Medical, Inc.

Power Customer Service with Sales Order Automation

When you automate the capture and extraction of sales order data, streamline complex business rules in order entry and fulfillment, and increase visibility and collaboration on orders, you reduce errors and dramatically improve customer service.

Power financial processing. Empower strategic performance.

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