Engage New Customers and Build Loyalty with Customer Onboarding Automation


The moment of truth for your customers is your onboarding process, when marketing hype gives way to the reality of how you serve customers and clients every day. At that moment, you have the power to wow customers with simple, smart, intuitive, digitized interactions…or disappoint with a painful, manual, paper-based onboarding process.

Create a remarkable onboarding experience for your customers and clients with an onboarding solution that offers real-time mobile engagement, the flexibility of anytime, anywhere self-service and omnichannel digital interactions. Transform from physical to digital onboarding by capturing process-ready documents, automating identity and other verifications, gathering e-signatures, automatically integrating with in-house and external systems and communicating in customer channels of choice. Make progress visible to everyone and escalate when needed to accelerate to closure and further optimize the experience. The impact of a good onboarding experience versus a bad one? A competitive advantage with increased revenue and share of wallet versus a disappointed customer who hesitates to invest more with you, lowering the customer lifetime value and your company’s reputation.

Banking on Customer Onboarding

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With Kapow, we can gather and integrate data in real-time, and without the need for human intervention. What this means is that while a customer is online, we can process their application and get back to them with a decision in just a few minutes.

Power an Engaging Onboarding Experience

When you wow new customers with an onboarding experience that includes real-time mobile engagement, self-service and omnichannel communications, you create enduring customer loyalty and a competitive edge—all while ensuring compliance and automating due diligence.

Power your onboarding processes.
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