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While traditional Business Intelligence (BI) and Information Management data is critical for making investment decisions, your competitive advantage lies in integrating real-time web and proprietary data on market and customer trends and leveraging investment analytics to uncover insights even in typically opaque markets. A wealth of information on the web—from corporate actions and operational data to macro news—provides up-to-the-second information and metrics used to support predictive trend analysis, but manually collecting the quantity and quality of information you need to make smart investment decisions is nearly impossible.

Automate and scale the acquisition of financial data and equity research with an integrated platform that feeds real-time data directly into your business intelligence and analytics solutions. Deliver thoughtful, insightful and differentiated research and make sound and timely sell-side and buy-side investment recommendations. The unprecedented accuracy, quality and timeliness of research that supports big data, smart data and complex research initiatives will eliminate time-consuming manual work and ultimately enable more profitable investment decisions on behalf of your company and clients.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Information Integration

Helping Clients Succeed

Global Financial Services Company
Global Research and Consultancy Company

Kapow revolutionized the way we supply our research team with information, delivering unprecedented accuracy and data quality. In doing so, it greatly enhanced team members’ efficiency and ability to deliver greater value to our customers.

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Power better investment decisions with real-time data

When you automate the process of collecting, transforming and delivering financial data and equity research from across the web and your proprietary systems into your business intelligence platform, you unlock valuable investment insights that help you differentiate in an aggressive market.

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