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While the optimum flow of information is one of the best ways to increase profitability and improve service levels within your bank, the different document types and the sheer volume you receive likely create challenges in gathering and disseminating information quickly and accurately. Imagine your bank’s underwriting department is waiting for a customer document to approve a mortgage loan. The customer sent the fax successfully, but it cannot be located; the results of this inefficiency are potential lost revenue and risk of regulatory non-compliance fines.

Deploy digital mailroom automation software to streamline the capture of incoming mail—including paper, email, fax, or at the Point of Origination (MFP, web portal or mobile/tablet device)—and deliver structured electronic information to your bank’s business systems. Track, review and modify information at any point in the process via analytics dashboards; digital mailroom automation software can enhance decision-making based on real-time information to increase throughput and revenue generation.

Create a Digital Mailroom with Kofax

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With the digital mailroom solution, we are giving customers access to the powerful core capabilities of Kofax TotalAgility in a very simple form. Using a desktop portal, customers can access a range of digital mail services, combined with basic case management and archiving capabilities.

Power Your Business Process Workflows.

When you employ automation to extract and validate information from incoming business mail and distribute it to business process workflows, you increase process throughput, improve revenue generation and increase profitability for your bank. By leveraging the power of process automation, you can also resolve exceptions without stalling your overall business processes.

Power your processes.
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