Today’s mobile-first consumers are unlikely to have the patience to stand in line at a branch, enter information repeatedly or wait days for an application approval. However, the systems running many banks weren’t designed for the speed and intuitive self-service options required to satisfy customers.

Accelerate banking transactions and customer onboarding by empowering your customers to open an account or apply for a loan via their method of choice. Customers can use their mobile device to snap a photo of an ID or document, a check for deposit or a card for account funding, as well as use a tablet at a branch kiosk. By embracing a digital self-service/assisted-service model via a single, open platform, you build customer loyalty while driving revenue.

How Smart Mobile Capture Can Give Your Business the Competitive Edge

Helping Clients Succeed

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With our app, every customer can turn his smartphone into a document scanner. That way, he can provide digitized documents that we can process end-to-end with no difficulty. The smartphone, with all its technical possibilities, is a completely new channel for communicating with our customers.

Power an Engaging Customer Experience

When you embrace a digital self-service/assisted-service model, you build loyalty by offering customers the control, functionality and visibility they expect—all while enjoying faster processing, fewer errors and greater efficiencies.

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