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Consumer lending has a reputation for being paper-intensive, and many borrowers dread the mounds of paper forms awaiting their signature. But technology and new legislation are changing both the customer experience and operational efficiency with paperless processes, digital signatures, mobile capabilities and back-office automation and compliance.

Revolutionize your antiquated, paper-laden traditional lending process with a solution that streamlines loan processing, provides proactive, omnichannel assistance and communication to customers and avoids costly follow-up loops. Not only will you originate and close loans faster and with greater efficiency, compliance and security, but you’ll elevate your customers’ experience to a new level of long-term value.

Kofax Mobile Capture for Mortgage

Helping Clients Succeed

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What sets Spotcap apart from a typical credit provider is the efficient way we can turn around a loan offer, and the RPA capabilities that Kapow delivers are key to enabling our quick and efficient service.

Power a Fully Digital Consumer Loan Experience

When you automate, simplify and speed up loan applications and closing, you deliver an exceptional consumer lending experience that cultivates customer loyalty, saves time and money and differentiates your service from the competition.

Power your lending processes. Empower your customers.