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No Customization Required

Kofax VRS™ delivers the highest level of image quality out of the box without customization, saving time and increasing productivity

Hole Punch Removal

Eliminate hole punch markings with the surrounding page color

Blank Page Deletion

Intelligently delete blank pages when you scan a batch of single-sided and double-sided documents

Perfect Images

Get process-ready images with superior quality, making scanning easier for your users and enabling better recognition and extraction rates

Managed Software Deployment

Manage, distribute, and install the software from a central server using Windows Installer and easily apply patches

Color Detection and Smoothing

Detect and retain color in mixed batches of color and black-and-white documents without presorting, and normalize the background color of any document and replace it with white

Automatic Crop and Deskew

Automatically crop and deskew each image based on the edges of the original documents

Network-Friendly Images

Suppress noisy backgrounds and shaded areas, resulting in ultra-compact image files that are ideal for display and rapid retrieval over your network

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