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Kofax TotalAgility Cloud

The impossible is now possible in cognitive capture. You can now save even more time and money by digitizing content-rich processes long considered too tough to automate. And you can do it with the deployment model of your choice – public cloud, private cloud or on-premise.

Kofax TotalAgility Cloud takes Kofax’s leadership in content capture to new heights, providing a Capture as a Service (CaaS) that uses artificial intelligence to acquire, interpret and act on unstructured data in documents, emails, social media and more. It goes beyond basic OCR, taking full advantage of intelligent automation. Highly scalable, the solution aligns with your future plans and needs.

Meet the smartest cognitive capture in the cloud…

TotalAgility Cloud introduces highly sophisticated content capture that helps companies digitize tough to automate, content-rich processes. It uses embedded artificial intelligence to intelligently read, understand and act on information in different types of communication.

…then go beyond capture.

With TotalAgility you’re doing more than capturing content. You’ll automate end-to-end processes that use captured content and easily gain valuable insights into key process metrics, all from the cloud. Expand with the Kofax Intelligent Automation platform as your automation ambitions grow.

Cloud adoption in the capture market will continue to see growth in the near-term as organizations demand deployment options that help them realize value more quickly. With their new cloud offerings that automate content capture and surrounding processes, Kofax is well positioned to take advantage of this market trend and to help new and existing customers deploy in the cloud.

Kofax TotalAgility Cloud, a SaaS version of our leading capture and automation solution

Deliver fully digital customer engagement interactions anytime, anywhere

Reduce operating costs and drive revenue with better business processes

Increase responsiveness and streamline decision making through insight gained from analytics

Use AI to extract and understand content for deeper transformation and savings

Choose your deployment model and evolve quickly as needs change

Move fast with quick starts for invoice capture and accounts payable automation

Digital Transformation – Your Way

Experience the industry’s most powerful cognitive capture and automate your business processes with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

Deploy Your Way

Take advantage of time to value, scalability and cost savings of the cloud. Choose between public cloud, private cloud or on-premise deployment and move seamlessly between deployment environments.

Powerful Cognitive Capture

Experience capture with embedded AI to automate more unstructured content from more content types and more channels than anyone else.

Process Orchestration

Automate business processes that use captured content and easily gain valuable insights into key process metrics.

Quick Start for AP

Accelerate time to value with quick start capture workflows and pre-configured solutions for invoice processing and accounts payable automation.

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