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Transportation & Logistics

Maximize Growth and Profit by Integrating Processes across Your Supply Chain

With competition in the logistics sector driving prices down and squeezing already razor-thin margins, providers are being forced to offer better service to win new customers and retain their top accounts. But many companies still rely on manual processes for scheduling shipments, monitoring changes, updating customer on statuses and handling exceptions, slowing operations and hindering your ability to grow revenue.

In fact, according to an independent survey of manufacturing and logistics executives, only 24% stated they have implemented automated processes to improve the visibility of order and shipment status. Yet they also stated their key focus was on reducing risks that affect customer relationships.

Kofax RPA for transportation and logistics enables you to eliminate costly manual functions by automatically acquiring, integrating and delivering data across your supply chain. Now you can efficiently exchange information with your shippers, carriers, logistics partners, freight bill payment processors and other trading partners.

Increase staff productivity, service levels and your capacity by deploying robotic process automation (RPA) for repetitive, manual data entry tasks. Free up your employees to focus on your customers and more valuable work. Identify trends and patterns that can help you optimize operations and logistics management.

Automate Shipment Scheduling and Tracking with Robotic Process Automation

Automate manual shipping tasks—from the initial pick-up request to checking and reporting shipment status between internal systems and portals. Extract shipment details from incoming emails, log jobs in your scheduling systems and provide pick-up times in customer/carrier portals, all with robots.

Eliminate Manual Processes for Capturing Loads and Rate Look-Ups

Automatically perform rate look-ups from multimodal carriers and 3PLs. Eliminate manually copying of data from load boards and emails into internal systems and then copying it back into B2B portals to report shipment status.

Speed Invoicing by Integrating Systems with Customer Portals

Eliminate re-keying, cutting-and-pasting and manually attaching data to invoices. Automatically extract shipping data, attach scanned PODs and invoices and update customer portals in seconds, rather than days.

Enhance Customer Responsiveness with Automated Order/Inventory Tracking

Leverage software robots to regularly query carrier tracking systems/websites and retrieve proof of delivery information. Link the data to the original order record in your warehouse management system for better tracking and faster responses to customer inquiries.

Gain Insights to Improve Forecasting and Logistics Planning

Obtain better information to create new opportunities, innovate supply chain processes and achieve greater financial success. Leverage information in near real-time to adjust demand forecasting and logistics planning. Identify trends and patterns in supply and demand, weather conditions, and how those trends impact delivery.

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