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Open Source Intelligence

Collect Data from Any Website for In-depth Open Source Intelligence

With an estimated 90% of intelligence available via public sources, national security analysts need to conduct in-depth open source intelligence (OSINT) quickly and aggressively. You need to collect data from sources as varied as the Internet itself, including short-lived sites on the dark web. Complicating your investigative work, data sources will continue to be a moving target as technology evolves.

Kofax RPA for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) enables you to automatically navigate and collect live data from any site, in any language—without attribution to ensure anonymity—now and into the future as sources change.

Conduct In-Depth Research by Automatically Capturing Content

Increase the depth of your investigative research by automatically capturing content in any format, from any source. Find content hidden within the deep web, navigate complex menu structures and acquire information to complete your web-based search forms.

Enable Operational Agility with Different Crawl Methods

Use different crawl techniques to access the volume of sites needed early in your investigative work—and then pinpoint the depth and precision needed as it proceeds. Leverage sophisticated open source intelligence tools and techniques to increase your effectiveness.

Increase Productivity by Collecting OSINT with A Single Click

Turn each of your analysts into an OSINT sensor with the ability to collect content from any website and from within any standard browser. Speed intelligence projects and improve productivity with just one click.

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