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Investment Research

Make Smarter Decisions with Real-Time Data and Custom Financial and Market Information

With the mass of available online data, obtaining the precise, accurate and timely data that investment research analysts need to make informed decisions is an ongoing challenge. The depth and quality of your research depends on the ability to obtain targeted information and gain insights that support your investment strategies.

Kofax RPA for investment research helps you stay informed and make better decisions by automating data extraction from web feeds that are constantly updating. Obtain new and valuable information—including vast amounts of sector and government data, news, blogs, and operational data (e.g., product availability, pricing, manufacturing capacity, inventories, and hiring activity). Create new data feeds that meet your needs—and extract precise, real-time information and deliver it directly into your business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Keep Up with Research Demands via Automated Data Feeds

Automatically get up-to-the-minute data for predictive trend analysis and obtain valuable information that effects buy/sell decisions and faster entry into new markets. Keep up with research demands and the growing volume of available data without the need for costly manual processing.

Gain Insight into Company Performance with Precise, Real-Time Information

Obtain insight into critical factors that affect the price of a trade in real-time, such as retail pricing, inventory concerns, product availability, manufacturing capacity, hiring activity and demographic analysis. Increase the depth and quality of your research by targeting specific information sources and topics that support your investment strategies.

Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Work by Deploying Software Robots

Deploy intelligent software robots to automate research project requirements and deadlines to collect, cleanse and enrich data from multiple sources. Quickly obtain hard-to-reach information by automating the actions your users take, such as performing searches and navigating sites that require authentication.

Identify New Opportunities through A Constant Data Stream

Monitor market opportunities for a clearer picture of changing markets and business conditions with a continual stream of up-to-date web data. Accelerate entry into new markets by observing and identifying outliers and hidden opportunities.

Support Investment Decisions with Valuable Public Data

Maximize the value of public, web-based information in near real-time for better investment decisions. Pinpoint financial filings, corporate actions, SEC filings and call transcripts within minutes.

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