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Competitive Intelligence & Price Monitoring

Grow Market Share with Automatic, Real-time Competitor Website Monitoring

With a highly competitive marketplace, tapping into the stream of real-time web data is essential to obtaining the information you need to make faster, more informed product and pricing decisions. But competitor websites are in a constant state of flux, making it difficult to stay up to date with the latest information.

Kofax RPA for competitive intelligence and price monitoring enables you to automatically observe your competition’s product and pricing moves and react in real-time. Gain the power to adjust your strategies on the fly—and quickly gauge customer response—with the ability to easily monitor and track inventory, pricing and consumer behavior on millions of product SKUs from thousands of websites. Automatically acquire the dynamic business intelligence your managers need to develop and execute winning strategies, drive customer acquisition and grow market share.

Eliminate Manual Tracking with Intelligent Software Robots

Deploy intelligent software robots to automatically collect, process and deliver competitive product and pricing intelligence from the web—at regular intervals or on demand—and eliminate time-consuming manual tracking.

Gain Insight via Automated Feeds Of Real-Time Information

Obtain real-time information from competitive websites with automated data feeds—and gain greater insight into how to acquire new customers and expand your reach into new markets.

Adjust Your Strategies with Aggregated Information

Automatically aggregate product and pricing information from web and social media sites for more in-depth market research and adjust your strategies in real time to stay competitive.

Defend Your Brand Equity by Monitoring Dealers And Resellers

Protect your MAP (minimum advertised price) by monitoring your dealers as well as unauthorized resellers for deep discounts offered through online flash sales and unauthorized markdowns.

Increase Market Share with Dynamic Product Positioning and Pricing

Obtain the near real-time business intelligence you need to support dynamic product positioning and pricing that helps you grow sales and market share.

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