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Kofax Releases RPA 11

Kofax RPA 11 features process discovery, automation sharing, digital workforce management and an improved user experience that facilitates enterprise adoption of intelligent automation and enables customers to more rapidly identify and automate business processes.

The Kofax RPA 11 Release delivers

Process Discovery and Visualization

Kofax’s process discovery and machine learning (ML) can quickly map and analyze an organization’s existing business processes. This quarter’s release includes process visualization, delivering an accurate view of the full business processes across end users and departmental silos. This unearths the truth about your tasks and processes, identifying opportunities for automation that will be the most impactful for your organization.

Benefits include:

  • Faster documentation of existing processes
  • Easier identification of the most common processes
  • Reduction in skills required by an organization to understand their current processes and automation
  • Less time to analyze a large data set and identify high-use processes
  • Quicker identification of good process candidates to automate

Automation Sharing

Organizations are looking for ways to accelerate and extend the value of automation to customers, partners and suppliers, as well as internal departments. With automation sharing, customers can extend the power of automation to anyone within and outside of the organization via a browser, desktop or mobile device. With automation sharing embedded in Kofax RPA 11, organizations can speed up automation deployment and scale automation efforts across end-to-end business processes.

Benefits include:

  • Expanded ROI in RPA with simplified automation sharing
  • Reduced development costs and easy customization for various user groups
  • Faster adoption of automation capabilities across an organization due to improved multiple-device support

Digital Workforce Management

Leading organizations are focused not only on applying intelligent automation to transform their business, but also on how to intelligently “manage” their digital workforce. They are challenged with scaling their ability to manage security, work allocation, digital/human collaboration, SLA management, and output analysis across all digital operations. This includes governance of identities used by robots to access privileged systems and applications. Kofax RPA 11 now integrates with CyberArk, the leading Enterprise Identity Management Platform. This allows customers to centralize how privileged access for all Kofax RPA robots is managed.

Benefits include:

  • Centralized identity management for their digital workforce, RPA robots, is now available in one place
  • Simplified audit and management of digital workforce access to critical business systems
  • Ability to leverage existing enterprise management tools for their Digital Workforce Management needs
  • Centralized security of RPA robots by managing the password for the robots in CyberArk

Robot Connector Framework

With the Robot Connector Framework, it is much easier to build robots and connect to external applications, as well as leverage custom code in the Kofax Design Studio. This accelerates the development of robots that require custom script as part of their tasks. Connectors are now available on SmartHub.

Benefits include:

  • Easier access to any application that needs to be connected to a robot
  • Quick development of robots that need custom script as part of their tasks
  • More robust execution of robots
  • Custom action more easily shared and used with other robot designers in the organization
  • Ability to leverage existing developer skills by allowing external applications to be used in RPA development

Improved Developer Experience

As Kofax continues to make the user experience easier for all kinds of developers—empowering them to develop and leverage automation to transform experiences for their customers and within their organization—we have added new capabilities to support modular robot re-use, customized layouts, single design studio for all automation types and smarter robot steps to speed time to develop.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced productivity, users can quickly build and maintain their robots with the latest improvements
  • A better user experience that enables developers to customize the Kofax Design Studio to meet their needs

A free 90-day trial of Kofax RPA 11 is now globally available

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