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Robotic Process Intelligence

The biggest catalyst for optimizing processes and improving performance? Insight. Without deep visibility into your business processes, you can’t create a continuous feedback loop that keep critical robotic processes running smoothly.

Robotic Process Intelligence is an integrated analytics and process intelligence platform for Kofax RPA. The solution is designed to deliver interactive views of system performance and robot metrics so you can proactively monitor and optimize the health of your robotic process automation platform. Monitor business processes, identify trends, ensure compliance, detect potential problems in real time and maximize the productivity of your organization’s digital workforce.

Anticipate Issues and Proactively Drive Your Business

Identify issues and potential issues with near real-time data and take action with impactful analytics-based decisions that stop problems in their tracks and ensure that your robotic workforce is performing effectively. Administrators can review historical robot process data to uncover trends and actions to further refine your robotic operations.

Ensure Compliance and Eliminate Risk

Reduce risk and conditions of non-compliance with a single, unified solution that allows you to achieve in-depth visibility and understanding of your robotic process performance and compliance not just within the system, but in the processes around it.

Empower Business Users with Insights

Accessing key information isn’t limited to analysts and IT users; customized dashboards can be tailored to meet business needs without coding. These customizable dashboards can monitor employee productivity and other key process elements, identify trends and ultimately improves processes over time.

Analyze Your Digital Workforce and Processes

Monitor employee productivity and other key process elements, identify trends, and ultimately improve processes over time. Deliver analytics to business users that connect many application data sources into interactive dashboard views.

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Monitor and Optimize Your Robotic Operations

Interactive dashboard views deliver near real-time data on system performance, individual robots and data sources, empowering your administrators to monitor important robotic operating conditions and diagnose problems.

Analyze and Improve Productivity

Administrators can customize dashboards to monitor robot productivity and other key process elements, identify trends and ultimately improve your processes over time.

Evaluate and Diagnose Problems

Get a quick overview of individual robot health along with key robot run metrics to help you identify and address issues. Everything from error count, execution time and extracted records can be viewed and analyzed.

Process Visibility

Mines data artifacts and reconstructs the logic of business process even when process steps touch multiple systems or have been performed manually

Process Intelligence

Capture, organize and display process data and visualizations from many systems of record and sources to enable line of business managers, risk and compliance officers and process improvement teams to gain and act on deeper operational insights

A Single Integrated Solution

No third-party technologies are required to provide data integration, transformation, computation, statistical analysis, process discovery or analysis

Powerful User Interface

Designed for business users, simple and interactive dashboards and reports can be created in minutes with a browser-based, drag-and-drop interface on any end user device

Governed Data Discovery

Designed to streamline the definition of data source connections, data records and metric definitions, allowing for central monitoring and control of requirements and approvals, as well as freeing users to create personalized dashboards and reports on demand without the need for IT intervention

Enterprise-Class Scalability, Security, Management

As the number of deployed robots grows, Robotic Process Intelligence scales with secure and flexible deployment options, meeting analyst requirements for governed data discovery and business intelligence platforms that allow for the integration of multiple data sources and definition of metrics to be monitored by IT to ensure consistency and reusability

Near Real-Time Data

MetricsMart architecture allows users to work with large amounts of near real-time data, supporting incremental updating across multiple data sources on different schedules and latency plans, plus dynamic support for disk-based, in-memory or hybrid modes