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Kofax Analytics for Mobile

“Mobile first” has become a go-to-market business mantra as smart phone usage continues to rise, and offering customers mobile options that seamlessly integrate with multiple channels is a vital piece of your digital transformation puzzle. Understanding when and how customers are using mobile solutions is critical to leveraging this channel to simplify and improve the customer experience. When your customers have a great experience, they become your most loyal customers and advocates.

Kofax Analytics for Mobile™ is an integrated analytics platform for the Kofax Mobile Capture™ SDK, Kofax Mobile ID™, Kofax Mobile Deposit Capture™ and Kofax Mobile Bill Pay frameworks that’s designed to deliver instant visibility into product performance, feature adoption and usage. Monitor trends, pinpoint problems quickly and gain valuable insight into your mobile capture solutions.

Proactively Monitor Adoption and Usage of Your Most Critical Onboarding Channel

Adoption rates and stickiness are critical to the long-term success of mobile apps. Out-of-the-box dashboards using the technology of Kofax Insight, an enterprise-class analytics platform used by many top global financial institutions, measure the effectiveness of your mobile solutions and help you create a continuous feedback loop to stop problems in their tracks and ensure that your mobile solutions are performing to customer expectations.

Ensure Compliance and Eliminate Risk

A single, unified solution allows you to achieve in-depth visibility and understanding of how your mobile software is performing and complying not just within the system, but in the processes around it.

Effortlessly Scale With Additional Solutions

With analytics dashboards available for SDK, Bill Pay, Mobile ID and Deposit Capture server frameworks, this single, integrated and flexible analytics solution enables you to start with one product module and easily add others when you deploy new solutions.

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Monitor and Improve Your Mobile Operations

Highly visual dashboards with one-touch drill-down deliver near real-time data on system performance and individual actions, empowering administrators to monitor and improve important mobile operating conditions.

Improve Customer Engagement with Analytics

Leverage mobile as a differentiator and use analytics to monitor customer adoption, usage and engagement. Identify trends and ultimately improve your mobile experience over time.

Evaluate and Diagnose Problems Faster

The intuitive graphical interface empowers business users to investigate operational data, discover issues and evaluate the effectiveness of resolutions without involving IT.

Pre-built analytics dashboard

Gain instant valuable insights into your Kofax mobile capture solution and frameworks from day one without the need to develop costly custom dashboards from scratch

One-touch drill down

Highly visual, simple, yet powerful interactive dashboards support one-touch drill down to quickly surface more detailed information

Supports SDK and Frameworks

Available for Kofax Mobile Capture SDK, Kofax Mobile ID, Kofax Mobile Deposit Capture, Kofax Mobile Credit and Debit Card, and Kofax Mobile Bill Pay

Key performance metrics

Your most important data is easily interpreted via informative graphs and actionable buttons

Complete 360-degree visibility

Total visibility into each transaction allows your development, QA and tech support teams to facilitate testing and troubleshooting

Plug-and-play compatibility

Easy integration with our Mobile SDK and frameworks delivers immediate and actionable insights to your team from day one of your mobile deployment