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Kofax Analytics for MarkView

What if you could get the clear and immediate view you need to optimize your invoice processing? Imagine if you could quickly discover and address critical issues, that unchecked would lead to operational problems or missed opportunities.

Kofax Analytics for MarkView® provides pre-built, best-practice dashboards and reports to uncover previously inaccessible insight into invoice activity and a unified view of your end-to-end accounts payable automation processes. It is information you can use to proactively impact your operational efficiency and mitigate the risks of non-compliant processes.

Visualize End-to-End AP Processes

Make timely, fact-based decisions with a unified view of your AP automation processes, including the ability to quickly drill into the details of individual tasks managed by Kofax MarkView® for AP. Dashboards offer a quick and easy look into the status of invoices in capture, MarkView, Oracle E-Business Suite, and posted for payment.

Stay On Top Of Key Metrics

Know the status of user workloads, invoice queues, past due invoices, errors, duplicate invoices, and extraction quality and promptly respond to changes in key operational data.

Drive Productivity and Improve Processes

A single solution for complete analytics arms you with the information you need about your AP processes to eliminate bottlenecks and enhance efficiency and productivity. Evaluate user activity levels over time for handling, data entry, coding and validation, and know where you need to make adjustments immediately.

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Investigate Invoice Activity

Kofax Analytics for MarkView® gives you the ability to search end-to-end invoice data by organizational unit, date, supplier, purchase order, status and more.

Effectively Manage Cash

Enhance cash management with the ability to review invoices coming due, discount opportunities, submit to pay status and overall payment performance.

Measure Quality of Service

Graphical representations allow you to quickly evaluate extraction confidence to determine next steps for improved learning.

A Single Solution for End-to-End AP Analytics

A unified overview to visualize and analyze all processes gives you the ability to optimize invoice processing, mitigate risk and proactively improve operational efficiency.

Best-Practice Metrics

Pre-built dashboards and reports offer a unified view of end-to-end AP automation processes, analysis of completed and ongoing processes, and the ability to quickly drill into the details of individual tasks managed by Kofax MarkView®

Information When You Need It

Near real-time operational metrics and analysis can be shared through a variety of collaboration features for improved decision-making

Operational Investigation

Intuitive graphical tools empower users to quickly drill into, filter, search and investigate operational data to discover important operating conditions and diagnose root causes

Rapidly Configurable

In addition to pre-built dashboards and reports, non-technical users can easily configure dashboards tailored to their unique operational requirements

Process Intelligence

This unique capability offers the ability to define and assess optimal process flows for AP transactions

Supplier Performance Reporting

View total spend by supplier, number of invoices processed by type and currency, payment terms, discounts missed and taken, and comparative ranking to ease supplier assessment

Actionable Analytics

Quickly drill down to show supporting invoices for the ability to dynamically escalate, reassign or reprioritize invoices to optimize approval and cash management

Easily Extensible

Powered by Kofax Insight ®, users have access to new analysis records, metrics, dashboards and reports from MarkView sources