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Kofax Analytics for Capture

Data-driven decision making is critical to your digital transformation efforts. To solve the right problems, you need a complete understanding of how your business operations are performing in real-time and over the long term. This includes the often hard-to-achieve visibility into your high volume data capture processes.

Kofax Analytics for Capture® is an integrated analytics platform for Kofax Capture®, designed for any organization that needs meaningful control over document-centric business processes. Built on the Kofax Insight® platform, it provides optimized out-of-the-box dashboards for measuring the document processing performance, efficiency and productivity of your capture software. With interactive views of system and user performance and productivity metrics, you’ll maximize uptime and responsiveness, and identify workflow exceptions and gaps that require attention.

Instantly Respond to Actionable Analytics

Gain the transparency and control required to observe, adapt and act in a meaningful way to operational patterns across the enterprise using actionable real-world data. You’ll have an immediate view into the effectiveness of your enterprise’s systems of engagement, employee productivity and the quality of information entering your critical systems of record.

Enable Compliance with Effortless Reporting

Leverage real data and easy to read reports to demonstrate how, when and where document processing workflows are compliant. You’ll also identify workflow and compliance exceptions at the earliest point and save time and resources identifying the source for rapid remediation, risk avoidance and mitigation.

Access Productivity Metrics Straightaway

Stop guessing or doubting your data. Analytics for Capture offers near real-time cost metrics and productivity reporting for quantification of your data capture solution’s return on investment right at your fingertips.

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Harness Control and Improve Responsiveness

Uncover meaningful and reliable insights through data visualization and manipulation to improve decision making for better business outcomes. With a single click, filter the number of batches and documents by batch class or document type to identify any process bottlenecks.

Maximize Data Extraction and Document Classification Productivity

Reveal per document, per field, per user accuracy and productivity rates when extracting document data. Kofax Analytics for Capture™ allows you to drill into reports for a definitive view into the cause and effect driving lower than expected accuracy so you can make corrections without hesitation. You’ll also monitor document classification benchmark results to isolate document exceptions that could undermine downstream system performance.

Measure Costs and Forecast Improvement Measures with Accuracy

Learn how information flows through your operations and what the associated cost is to handle it from receipt through export. Make accurate forecasts and estimates for how data capture software improvements can potentially improve overall operational performance.

Share Analytical Insights, Securely

Apply roles-based rights to specific data metrics to allow key decision makers to access the right reports securely and within compliance rules.

Extend Your Analytical Capabilities without Limitation

Kofax Analytics for Capture is built on the Kofax InsightTM platform, enabling the customization of reports and dashboards by business users without intervention from overtaxed IT departments. This increases usability, information accessibility and flexibility for operations decision makers, while reducing the solution’s total cost of ownership.

Self-Service Customizable Dashboards

Kofax Analytics for CaptureTM enables the customization of reports and dashboards by business users without the need for custom scripting or coding

Robust Out-of-the-Box Metrics and Reporting

More than 100 pre-defined metrics and over 100 reports provide granular insight about all critical multichannel and advanced capture processes

Workflow Analytics, Classification and Processing Time Views

Intuitively measure process workflows, classification accuracy and document processing time for a true measure of operational efficiency

Objective Performance Monitoring

Improved analytics mean that human operators, business processes and software performance can be objectively monitored

Enterprise Scalability

Easily access and consolidate data on the fly from multiple Kofax CaptureTM installations, and also leverage Kofax Insight, included in Kofax Process Intelligence, to extend the initial investment to additional data sources, departments and lines of business for greater ROI

Roles-Based Security

Apply security settings based on user roles and contextual data rights to avoid exposing sensitive information