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Sales Order Processing

Optimize Sales Order Processing in SAP to Enable Customer Service Excellence

If your company lacks the tools needed to optimize sales order processing, challenges like poor customer service, long processing cycles, low margins due to order-fulfillment errors and returns, the need for specialized processes to handle varying order formats, and a lack of control and transparency are probably familiar. And your organization as a whole may be suffering because of these problems. In fact, more than 77 percent of all organizations believe the time it takes to manually process sales orders is holding back the growth and potential of their company.

Automating customer order processing removes these obstacles and allows you to manage operations with greater visibility, flexibility and control. Whether your sales orders arrive by fax, email, mail or EDI, they are all identified, captured, interpreted and transferred into SAP in a fast and accurate automated process with ReadSoft Process Director™.

Validation and timely reaction to sales order issues, such as price, availability and replacement products, are automatic processes that give way to faster order fulfillment, reduced sales order processing backlog and more staff time for customer support. And that results in improved cash flow and happier customers.

Increase Margins

ReadSoft Process Director™ allows accounts receivable departments to process more sales orders without having to add more staff members. With shorter cycle times, increased productivity, fewer duplicate orders, and better cash management, processing costs are optimized.

Improve Order Processing Visibility and Responsiveness

Empower authorized staff with control and access to all sales order documents and information, regardless of format. With accurate order details, staff members can attend to customer queries immediately, resolve issues, track down orders and make any warranted changes. An audit trail and sales order processing log provide vital metrics, such as time and volume, number of orders per day and time spent on each, and order backlog. You also eliminate misplaced or duplicate sales orders, while minimizing late deliveries and complaints.

Expedite the Sales Order Process from Start to Finish

The solution accelerates sales order processing through the automatic collection and identification of relevant sales order data and the automatic validation of price, quantity and unit of measure. Because the sales order process is in constant contact with all pertinent data in SAP, your staff will have the advantage of an auto-triggered workflow so they can concentrate on customer service and resolve exceptions quickly.

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