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Payment Approval

Streamline Payment Approvals with Automated Workflows Inside SAP

Manual invoice payment approval is a multi-step procedure, often lacking visibility provided by proposal tools that collect supporting documents related to a given payment method or scheduled to be paid before a given due date.

After invoices are processed and posted, SAP gathers invoices to be paid in a payment proposal document. Process Director then routes proposals into a single ledger, initiating an automated workflow to gather approvals. Appropriate persons can view the proposal at line-item level, with an image of the original invoice also available. When the workflow is complete, information gathered during the workflow is then transferred to the payment proposal. A workflow history of the entire payment approval process is stored with the SAP payment run and remains available, fulfilling SOX requirements.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

A complete audit trail of all steps in the business process ensures payment approvals satisfy SOX and similar requirements, as well as any internal business rules.

Access Complete Invoice Information

ReadSoft Process Directorâ„¢ gives users visibility into all invoices in a single approval workflow. Invoice images and corresponding information are also accessible anytime.

Maximize Your SAP Investment

Optimize payment approvals with a solution that works within your SAP system and offers a user-friendly SAP or web browser interface.

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