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Master Data Management

Control the Master Data that Fuels Your Business Processes

Keeping master data, such as customer, vendor, G/L accounts, cost centers and profit centers, up-to-date is usually a request-driven process involving multiple people and many steps, often with less-than-ideal results. Poor data quality and duplicate records are common issues, leading to downstream headaches and high costs in other departments when processing orders and invoices.

Correct and timely master data is vital to keeping your business processes running smoothly and creating a path to continuous process improvements and customer satisfaction. ReadSoft Process Director™ puts you in control of organization-wide requests for master data entries with a centralized request portal and automated approval process.

Improve Revenue and Profitability

ReadSoft Process Director provides consistent master data across the enterprise to optimize opportunities for offering discounts and incentives. At the same time, it supports the value ranking of vendors and can be crucial to retention decisions and impact investments.

Assure Data Integrity While Remaining Agile and Compliant

The solution includes a documented, automated workflow that offers a single point of entry, approval and execution; visibility into all requests; and improved compliance management for master data handling.

Accelerate Master Data Management Processing

The solution’s integrated approval routines align with established business processes, simplifying procedures and reducing the time it takes to process requests to perform master data updates.

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