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Financial Posting

Establish a Clear Channel for Financial Posting Requests in SAP

When visibility into financial processes is cloudy at best, you face chronic challenges just complying with regulations and meeting business goals. In contrast, complete transparency across the financial posting process can help you ensure that all postings are visible, traceable and in compliance. The outcome? You can make business decisions with ease and clarity.

ReadSoft Process Director™ provides an automated workflow for collecting and executing financial posting requests and approvals for G/L accounts, customer posting and other posting requirements. The solution allows users throughout your organization to submit requests through a simple form, accessible in a web browser or SAP user interface. Employing this universal process organization-wide facilitates compliance measures and improves reporting for accounting and finance departments.

End-to-End Visibility of Financial Posting Workflows

ReadSoft Process Director enables visibility of the entire request-and-approval financial posting workflow. Improved reporting means finance and accounting departments can monitor and meet performance objectives on metrics like processing volume, while enforcing organizational and regulatory compliance.

Simple, Standardized, Web-Based Processing

A simple-to-use web form makes the centralized collection of all financial posting requests easy and a uniform approach to authorization rules ensures they are followed every time. Effortless archiving of process-related activity and data ensures that important information is never lost.

Seamless SAP System Integration

The software resides and operates inside of SAP, resulting in the uninterrupted processing and transfer of data. And with an interface that matches user’s familiar SAP environment, adoption is intuitive.

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