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Flexible PDF Licensing

Based on recent trends, many software developers have been putting expensive licensing restrictions on their high-quality software. Indeed, it’s become an ever-larger expense to deal with inflexible arrangements that still limit your team members from being able to use the software they need to work effectively. Therefore, Kofax designed a solution that scales to the size of your business.

Rather than be forced into arbitrary limits, we can customize your Kofax Power PDF license agreements so that it makes sense for any size of business. Whether you have 15 employees or 1,500, we can tailor-make an enterprise solution for your business.

The Various Access Levels of Power PDF Licensing

When you’re looking for a way to streamline your business’s usage of PDFs, you may already realize that Power PDF offers several significant advantages over Adobe products. What you may not know is that Kofax offers license agreements for Power PDF in several ways:

  • We don’t sell licenses in bundles that you purchase in packs. Instead, if you need more than 11 separate employees accessing Power PDF, we can build an enterprise license arrangement for you that provides you with the exact degree of licensing you require. With Power PDF, you won’t have to ration licenses between your employees and compromise on providing your team with access to the tools they need to complete the job.
  • For smaller teams, you can choose between Power PDF Standard and Power PDF Advanced. Both offer flexible tools for working with PDFs, but Advanced is better suited for businesses that need more collaboration and security measures.

Power PDF is the perfect choice for your business to navigate the digital landscape with effective PDF processing, digital signage, and document security.

Kofax Has Designed a System That Works for You

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all business solutions. Not only is every industry unique, but each business is different with distinct needs. We’d rather address the real needs that your business faces by providing a genuine solution scaled to the size of your company. We believe that your employees should have a powerful tool to combine, edit, split, and secure PDFs that won’t force them to play musical chairs. With the right licensing agreement, your office will be functioning like the well-oiled machine it was meant to be.

We also support your right to try out the product for yourself, first. Before you commit to any decision, you can utilize our 15-day free trial period. Let your employees test the program for themselves to see how it integrates with the job they do and experience the benefits of working with Power PDF. We’re confident that once you try it, you’ll see the tremendous value of using Power PDF in your business.

Find the Power PDF solution that's right for you

Find the PDF solution that’s right for you