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Why Make the Switch to Kofax Power PDF:

Flexible PDF Licensing

Rather than be forced into arbitrary limits, we can customize your Kofax Power PDF license agreements so that it makes sense for any size of business. Whether you have 15 employees or 1,500, we can tailor-make an enterprise solution for your business.
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Game-Changing PDF Batch Editing

Take advantage of the streamlined design behind Power PDF’s elegant user interface and collaborative work options. From document conversion to splitting and security features, Power PDF has the features to revolutionize how your business handles its documents.
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A Familiar Microsoft Ribbon Interface

Much like with physical tools, your team is most effective when you have the right ones for the job. Even if you currently convert and create PDFs using some other method, you can unlock greater efficiency by using seamless integration into Microsoft Office.
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Unparalleled PDF Collaboration

With Power PDF, multiple people can work on the same document. This feature is especially helpful when your team is working on a large document, especially if it involves various departments or specialists. Save time and money through transparent, productive collaboration.
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Lightning-Fast Pattern Search Capability

Kofax Power PDF features the Looks Like Search–an intelligent and intuitive pattern search feature helping you find information easily.
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Rock-Solid PDF Security

Kofax Power PDF strikes the perfect balance by offering robust security solutions using various methods. With this alternative to Adobe Acrobat, you can take advantage of Microsoft’s Rights Management Service to ensure that your documents remain secure in all situations.
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