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Regardless of the type of law you practice, there are fundamental similarities between every legal office. You have to hold your work and your employees to the highest standards, you must be aware of the ever-changing legal landscape, and your clients entrust their livelihoods and assets to your care. To meet all of these obligations, you deserve highly effective tools that make it easier to track your work and pull together as a team. Starting from your initial client communications to the way your office does business, Power PDF can integrate into your workflow and improve every step of the process.

How Power PDF Simplifies Contracts

After you’ve already made contact with a prospective client and reviewed their needs, your team needs to assemble a contract. Even if you know exactly what the contract needs to say to protect your company and ensure you get paid what you’re due, you still need to produce, deliver, and sign the contract. Historically, that involved typing the contract, printing it out, mailing or hand-delivering it to the client, and then collecting the copy. In total, this process can take several days, even longer if the client doesn’t immediately return the contract.

Power PDF simplifies this process dramatically by allowing your team to edit a PDF template and fill in the relevant client information quickly. Then, you can immediately send the contract to your client via cloud storage with email notification. They can sign this contract remotely, and you’ll shortly receive the signed copy for your records. This whole process takes mere minutes and eliminates what could have been an agonizing wait while your team stood idle. With clear contracts, you can ensure that your office maintains compliance with all regulations imposed by the government.

The Benefits of Power PDF for Your Office’s Workflow

There are several significant ways that Power PDF incorporates into how your office handles its work that go beyond client contracts:

  • As you compile documents for your client, discovery, or as part of your legal strategy, it can be difficult or time-consuming to find the right document. When each scanned page, digital text document, and image is its own file, your organizational approach will be taxed to its limit. Power PDF lets you consolidate everything you need for your client into a single PDF portfolio that you can search, bookmark, index, and update as you go.
  • Occasionally, the opposite happens, and you receive a mammoth document. Only part of it may be relevant, or the entire document should be split between your team to parse individually separately. Power PDF lets you cleanly separate the document into as many parts as you need and allows your team to collaborate on documents in a single storage location.
  • When you’re collecting evidence and support documents, they may come in many conditions. You may even scan spreadsheets and text documents as PDF images, which makes them difficult to edit natively on your computer. Power PDF lets you instantly convert these PDF files into the appropriate format, whether that’s a JPG image, a Word-, or an Excel file.

Retain Documents and Facilitate Collaboration

Modern lawyers have access to incredible technological tools that enable productivity on a scale unlike anything seen even one or two decades ago. More frequently, they are expected to work on the go, from remote locations, or mobile devices and laptops. In many instances, this bevy of working environments and machines means it’s hard to organize your team’s documents and avoid redundant work appropriately.

All Power PDF documents can be saved to and accessed from the cloud or a host of leading document management systems. Some of the systems that are integrated with Power PDF today include Evernote, Microsoft SharePoint, Hyland OnBase, iManage Work, EMC Documentum, NetDocuments and Worldox. This feature empowers your team to work from anywhere they desire and eliminates the risk of redundant or missing work. The files update in real-time and don’t get saved to local hard drives unless you specifically want them to. As a result, you’ll never open your laptop only to find that the file you want is on another device.

Incorporating Power PDF into Your Office

It’s easier than you realize to bring Power PDF to your office. Whether Power PDF Advanced or the volume enterprise edition is better suited to your office, we can set you up with a free 15-day trial to see how the program runs with your team. Once you’ve experienced the benefits that Power PDF can provide, you can purchase the licenses you need, install Power PDF on each machine, and revolutionize the way that your office does business. Power PDF seamlessly integrates with your operating system and Microsoft programs, so you’re just a few clicks away from saving time and increasing your team’s productivity.