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How Do You Combine Multiple PDFs into One File?

With a simple “Combine Files” function, Power PDF lets users select all the documents they wish to merge at once. In seconds, you have a brand-new combined file without losing your originals – no need to spend long hours manually copying information into a new document.


How Do I Put Diagrams in My Reports and Papers?

Power PDF contains extensive PDF editing tools to make it simple to isolate and take graphics from different document formats. Converting a document, including PDF, to JPG or PNG makes inclusion in word processors easy.


Secure Sensitive Information with Robust Redaction Tools

For tasks ranging from preparing internal documents for public release to sharing files as part of ongoing casework, the right tools are essential for secure, permanent redactions. Empower your office to handle this critical workflow with confidence through Kofax Power PDF.


How to Easily Convert PDF to Word

Combing the internet for a conversion solution that reproduces your PDF in a Word format without jumbling the text is a recipe for a headache. Power PDF removes that stress from the workday whether you need to convert to Word, make a spreadsheet, or transform a document into an image.


How Can I Safely Print Sensitive Documents on a Shared Printer?

Leaving sensitive information sitting in the printer tray visible to all passers-by is an unacceptable risk, but what can you do to mitigate that risk? With the right technology supported by robust PDF editors such as Kofax Power PDF, it is possible to create a better architecture for safe printing.


What's the Easiest Way to Merge PDFs?

Merging files via manual copying not only introduces potential formatting problems but requires a substantial amount of time. With Kofax Power PDF, it takes only a few steps to merge a PDF into a larger file and to accomplish many other document-related tasks in an intuitive software environment.


Keeping the Healthcare Administrative Backend Under Control

Tasks that become bogged down in problems with basic document manipulation, including redacting patient documents or the need to merge a PDF, create delays further down the pipeline. With Kofax Power PDF, it is simple to keep these workflows under control and functioning as intended.


Creating a Central Location for Recordkeeping and Reporting

Modern healthcare enterprises require a robust, safe solution for centralizing records for both archiving purposes and to develop accurate reports for well-informed operations. With effective PDF creation and editor software such as Kofax Power PDF and other tools, achieving such a setup is within easy reach.


Optimizing Shareholder Communication with Exceptional Reporting

Robust reporting of financials, current and future projects, and other information is essential to developing shareholder confidence and opening new opportunities for future investments. With a PDF editor such as Kofax Power PDF, gathering all the necessary materials for your next shareholder report is easy.

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