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More Functionality. Less Cost.

Power PDF offers everything your business needs to function effectively—PDF editing, conversion, and security—while saving you money. Check out the free resources below to learn more about PDF technology and Kofax Power PDF.

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Power PDF vs Acrobat

Learn how Power PDF compares and beats Adobe Acrobat with stronger security, an easier to use interface and significant cost savings.
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The Beginner’s Guide to PDF Files

Many people use these files to read, store and share information, so it’s worthwhile to examine where they came from, how they’re used today, and the best ways you can use PDF files yourself.
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How Power PDF Empowers Your Business for Success

Power PDF is a highly-effective alternative that can do everything your business needs for less money than you’re accustomed to paying.
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A Guide to Kofax Power PDF: Digital Signatures 101

Examine why electronic signatures aren’t sufficient to ensure legitimacy, how a third party can verify digital signatures’ validity, and how Power PDF gives businesses the chance to safely come to legally-binding agreements without ever having to meet face to face.
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Exploring Workflow Basics: How Document Management Can Help Your Business

Documents are essential to your business, here are some helpful programs from Kofax that can help your company improve document management.
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How Can I Edit PDF Documents?

Not every program can easily edit PDFs. Power PDF is an ideal choice to view, edit and share PDF files in working or educational settings.
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