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Kofax PaperPort for PC

Despite working in an increasingly interconnected, digital environment, no business can escape the need for paper documents. These documents create several challenges for businesses, including storage and accessibility. To overcome these challenges, you need a streamlined document management solution. Kofax created PaperPort to be the ideal solution for document organization. Learn about the problems PaperPort addresses, the benefits it provides, and how you can get the ideal functionality from PaperPort for your business.

PaperPort Addresses Your Business’s Specific Needs

Paper documents pose difficulties for any organization. Paper is flimsy and easily destroyed, so you must keep it safe from physical harm and environmental conditions. As a physical object, you could lose it if you remove it from storage to use it or move it to a new location. Additionally, there are several logistical hurdles that paper presents:

  • Organization - Any time your business relies on paper documentation, you must find a location to store those documents. As the number and kind of documents increase, old storage methods no longer work. Thus, you are forced to spend more time, money, and physical space on keeping these documents.
  • Accessibility - No matter how organized your documents are, they are still difficult to reach from where you do most of your work. Any document storage area requires a dedicated location, so to access those documents means physically going to that location. If your organization is larger or has been in business for a long time, it likely has many more documents and may even keep them on a different floor or building than where you work.
  • Collaboration - It’s difficult to work with other people on documents that are kept in a secure location. You must make copies of them and bring them directly to the people you are working with. If you have to update the documents, then they must be updated both in your working copy and in the original location. If more people are involved in this process, you likely have more than one working copy, which can easily lead to confusion.
  • Searchability - Even if you have an effective organizational method to find the correct document, you still have to find the relevant information. For multi-page documents, this can become a significant time investment.

PaperPort is designed with these needs in mind. For each of these challenges, PaperPort provides an effective solution that streamlines the entire process. Even if only one of those problems is relevant to your business, PaperPort can significantly benefit you.

Each Function Fills an Essential Role

Every aspect of PaperPort was designed to make it easier for organizations to retain and use every kind of document. It combines several key functions that together resolve each aforementioned logistical issue:

  • Scan to PDF- You can scan documents directly to PDF using a scanner or multifunction printer. Designate exactly where you’d like these documents to go so that they fit exactly within your organizational scheme.
  • Cloud Connectivity - Once you’ve scanned your documents onto your network or into the cloud, then each authorized user can access, review and update these documents. Access the information you need while you eliminate the hassle of physically tracking down the documents.
  • Convert to PDF- Your team can even convert other digital text documents into PDFs for a consistent and high-quality digital storage solution. Take documents that arrive through any form of client contact and store them in a single place and a single format.
  • Search Documents- Save time by eliminating the need to browse through documents physically. When you use the search function, you can immediately find the relevant information.

These functions are built directly into PaperPort’s user interface. It’s easy to keep your information organized when you use this program as your digital filing cabinet. Your documents will be exactly where you need them, at the same time as you eliminate paper clutter in your office.

Every Organization Benefits from PaperPort

Based on how PaperPort addresses these core needs, nearly any organization can benefit from the power that this program offers. Private sector businesses such as insurance companies, healthcare providers, and banks can all use PaperPort to save time and increase efficiency. You can record client profiles, touchpoints and transactions directly in the cloud. From there, you can organize and analyze your documents to glean marketable information.

Even those who are self-employed or run businesses with one or two employees can benefit from the organization that PaperPort provides. Even if you lack an HR or Finance department, you must keep track of the relevant documents for regulatory compliance and tax returns. Ensure that you aren’t missing anything for any inspections, audits and annual reporting.

Public sector organizations, such as universities and government departments, can also benefit from the convenience PaperPort offers. Government agencies can keep track of applications, surveys, and other essential documents. University professors can record grades and feedback regarding students, registrars can track the application process, and financial aid departments can ensure that every document is in order to track funds disbursement.

Experience How PaperPort Helps Your Business

Regardless of your organization’s size and purpose, PaperPort can streamline your document retention to save you time and protect your security. There are several ways that you can get PaperPort for your business:

  • Standard - Suitable for home offices, the standard edition offers all of the scanning, organizing, sharing, and searching functions listed above without the cloud functionality. Store everything you need on your desktop and periodically back up your documents for added security.
  • Professional - When you have several people who need to use the same digital storage area, cloud connectivity makes it easy to access documents from anywhere. Whether you have employees who work remotely, or simply want to have multiple computers connected to the same secure storage area, the professional edition is suited to your needs.
  • Enterprise- Larger companies need all of the functionality that Professional offers, but more than a few licenses. If you have more than ten employees, you can connect everyone with PaperPort to maximize your collaborative and organizational potential. Even the largest firms with more than 20,000 users can benefit from PaperPort.

When you’re ready, try PaperPort in your business without risk. We offer organizations a free 15-day trial to see how powerful and convenient this program is. Fill out the trial request form here to get started. If you are interested in the Enterprise edition, please contact our helpful sales team for more information. They’re standing by to answer any questions you have and get you started with PaperPort as soon as you’re convinced it can help your organization.

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