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Optitrade Flow

Secure Management of Critical Financial Information

Monitor flows, inspect messages and quickly and accurately capture and identify exceptions via a flexible user interface; enrich outbound messages to encourage external network payment and inbound messages to enable straight-through processing—all through a single, secure hub that is purpose-designed for financial message handling

Message Archive

Employ a central message archive that supports auditing, compliance monitoring and investigations throughout the lifecycle of a financial transaction

Optitrade Match

Fast, Accurate, Format-Independent Matching

Quickly and accurately match electronic business messages (confirmations, executions, payments, orders, statements and instructions); configure and modify your own matching criteria, and see matching results in various queues (matched, unmatched, error and summary)

Configurable Exception Management and Escalation

Configure flexible matching criteria and tolerances by instrument, counterparty, currency or any parameter you choose; automate next steps, response messages, exception and escalation processes

Optitrade Confirm

Streamlined Trade Settlement

Support exception processing, real-time settlement instruction enrichment and automated settlement notification messaging to custodian banks and settlement agents; incorporate industry codes of practice and local market standards to promote data integrity and streamline settlement

Bilateral Trade Management

View, cancel or reject mismatched blocks and contracts; execute bilateral cancellation through automated match agreed processing between parties and counterparties, and integrate internal and industry trade confirmation infrastructure

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