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Improve Process Transparency and Monitoring

Automate the processing of messages and transactions so that every step can be controlled, monitored and reported on. You can also easily monitor overall system performance, and get early notification of any processing issues.

Employ a Customizable User Interface for Improved Exception Handling

Utilize a rich, customizable user interface designed to meet your specific requirements in terms of screen layout and interface behavior. This allows you to easily monitor your queues, inspect your messages, and quickly handle exceptions.

Leverage Existing IT Environments

Link your existing messaging systems to the complete electronic trade confirmation community, and exploit your legacy infrastructure investments while leveraging the latest capabilities.

Deploy Powerful Exception and Auditing Capabilities

Identify, escalate and intelligently repair exceptions. Trace and audit detailed transaction rate information. View statistics per field and message type, and average over time periods that you define.

Quickly Adapt to Changing Regulations and Ensure Data Security and Compliance

Stay current with changing regulations, and secure your information with a unified content system that minimizes human touch-points and the risk of data breaches. Safe message storage and archiving, as well as complete audit recording and comprehensive data extraction and monitoring, provide you with enhanced security.

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