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Onboard Customers Faster and Improve Process Transparency

Speed information intake with powerful document capture and data integration capabilities. Improve accuracy and transparency by extracting information from captured documents and providing access where needed in your organization.

Achieve Operational Efficiency By Automating Processes

Lower costs by eliminating slow, manual, error-prone tasks using a workflow that includes required security and identification checks, and by automating your review and approval processes. Reduce errors by validating information and standardizing procedures.

Mitigate Risk, Ensure Compliance and Minimize Avoidable Costs

Seamlessly integrate to third-party services to fulfill identity verification, Know Your Customer, anti-money laundering, fraud prevention and other necessary authentication and validation checks.

Gain Insights Through Built-in Performance Analytics

Analyze your new application pipeline, and make comparisons to historical performance using pre-built dashboards. Identify bottlenecks and variant processing paths via powerful process flow diagrams and swim lane charts.

Leverage Platform to Automate Other Onboarding Challenges

Address a variety of other onboarding applications, such as new employee onboarding and new account openings in industries including insurance, higher education and government, through the reusable, modular architecture.

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