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Whether for small business or personal use, documents are your lifeblood. Yet converting paper files into PDF documents can introduce errors, driving up costs and driving down productivity. Digitization starts with a time-saving solution to accurately convert documents and make them editable and searchable.

Kofax OmniPage Standard 18.0 accurately digitizes files so any document is now easily converted, editable and searchable. With OmniPage Standard 18.0, you’ll cut costs, reduce the amount of time spent converting files and easily manage your documents.


Convert any type of document with accurate OCR technology


Digitize documents to mirror originals with columns, tables and graphics


Support all document and image formats

Convert Documents Easily and Accurately

To organize your personal files and home office, you need seamless document transition from paper to digital. OmniPage Standard delivers flexibility, accuracy and accessibility to meet all your document conversion needs.

Kofax OmniPage Standard

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We know digital documents are critical to you.

Ensuring they’re easily converted, accurate and accessible is our priority.

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Digitize Documents so you can Work Like Tomorrow

OmniPage Standard empowers you to work today like the workforce of tomorrow. Generate accurate, efficient document conversions through:

Superior word accuracy

Transform words on paper and in images to accurate text for superior conversion and archiving.

Intuitive user experience

Convert documents quickly with easy-to-use tools and flexible options.

One-click workflows

Use the built-in workflows or create your own to get recurring conversion jobs done easily and quickly.

Maintain formatting

Converted documents look just like the original.

Amazon Kindle integration

Scan a document, automatically convert into a readable format and send it to the Amazon® Kindle® electronic book reader in one easy step.

Supported applications

Enjoy support for the widest range of output formats, including PDF, Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® 2007, Corel® WordPerfect®, HTML and many more.

Automation of emailed documents

Receive scanned papers or PDFs via Microsoft Outlook® email.

Language recognition

Process, edit and store documents from virtually anywhere in the world; the tool recognizes over 120 languages.

Photo conversion

Convert any picture or photo into a readable format for mobile devices and electronic book readers.

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