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Organizations that work like tomorrow communicate and transact with their customers and stakeholders in efficient, effective and trusted ways. These organizations use mobile technology to meet customers where they are and leverage mobile to complete secure transactions, verify identity, gather documentation and consent, or simply to keep the customer informed. They use communications management software to engage across mobile and other channels, tailored to customers’ needs and preferences. Where transactions along the customer’s journey require agreement and record of consent, they use an e-signature solution to deliver a secure end-to-end digital experience.

These customer experiences can include signing up new customers at a bank, processing applications at an insurance company or provisioning services from a government agency.

Mobility & Engagement

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer and other stakeholder engagement.

Power PDF

Kofax Power PDF solutions are powerful and intuitive tools designed for individual users or for enterprise deployment to create, convert, edit and share PDF files.

Kofax ControlSuite

Manage, secure and govern documents with unified print, capture and workflow automation


Kofax PaperPort allows individuals and organizations to scan, share, search and organize documents in a simple, integrated solution.

Mobile ID Verification and Facial Recognition

Automatically and securely verify identity by gathering and authenticating ID documents such as passports, national IDs and driver licenses via mobile devices with facial recognition.


Detect check fraud in real time with an image-based solution and a robust combined risk score.


Enable end-to-end business process digitization with electronic signatures and transform the customer experience.

Kofax SafeCom

Manage, control, optimize and secure the print management process for your business

Kofax Copitrak

Automate the document lifecycle to secure data workflows and easily track document management costs

Kofax Equitrac

Capture and process essential client service activities to support accurate, comprehensive billable revenue strategies

Kofax Business Connect

Extend business processes securely to keep mobile workforces connected and productive

Kofax Output Manager

Boost productivity and business outcomes with an intelligent print ecosystem