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Data Extraction in Real Time

Extract and validate data from documents and present to the user in near-real time; data can be extracted from documents in over 140 languages and a wide variety of content processes, from structured forms to unstructured correspondence

Customizable Video Capture

Leverage the video feed on the customer’s device to automatically capture the image, eliminating issues with blur, jitter and shifting (video capture is an option available to the developer in addition to standard photo mode); video capture can also be customized to ensure the greatest usability of your app

Advanced Analytics Insights

Gain insight into performance spikes, drop-offs, bottlenecks, document costs per channel (mobile, fax, etc.) and countless other metrics via real-time dashboards; quickly make improvements and other critical modifications

Capture of any Document Type

Capture any document (ID, check, pay stub, or legal form) and deliver a process-ready image; this can range from a single document transaction to a mixed batch of multiple pages and documents

High-Quality Image Processing

Employ low-level controls to manage deskew, cropping, orientation, scaling, DPI/resolution, quality checks, color detection, background smoothing, binarization, conversion and image normalization

Flexible File Sizes

Enjoy lightning-quick image transmissions to the server by producing smaller-sized files directly within the Mobile SDK or within the HTML5 image controls

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