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Onboard Customers Swiftly and Securely

Onboarding is quick and efficient with ID capture for frictionless, paperless form prefill; ID verification to determine if the ID is real and unaltered; and facial recognition to ensure the applicant in possession of the ID is the owner.

Ensure Process Integrity Through Advanced Forensic Technology

Unlike other solutions that rely on humans to evaluate the ID, Kofax advanced forensic technology is 100% automated and performs thousands of security checks in seconds. An altered or fraudulent document is rejected, stopping potential fraudsters and supporting Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations

Realize Superior Data Quality While Delivering a User-Friendly Experience

An optimized capture experience provides on-screen guidance and auto-capture functionality to ensure a user-friendly experience for any imaging use case. Your customers can capture the best image possible the first time, resulting in improved customer response times (near-real time) and increased satisfaction.

Extend to New Processes Without Changing Platforms

Take the application further, and capture documents and data for any engagement scenario, from the same platform (checks, mortgage documents, etc.). Optimize your investment, and deploy multiple apps that drive revenue, improve customer engagement and differentiate you from the competition.

Track Effectiveness and Make Necessary Improvements Quickly

Gain immediate insight into mobile user engagement with pre-built analytics dashboards using Kofax Analytics, which monitors mobile user behaviors and experiences to track and measure the effectiveness of the mobile deployment so necessary improvements can be made quickly.

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