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Advanced Image Processing

Employ patented technology to ensure the accurate capture of check data, resulting in a better user experience; standard features include advanced image quality analysis, CAR and LAR values, signature and endorsement detection

Flexible, Open Mobile Platform

Support capturing of documents and data for any engagement scenario (driver license extraction, etc.), from the same platform; deploy an app that supports multiple use cases to drive revenue and engage new and existing customers

Engage Customers with Faster Response Times

Return results to customers in near-real time to enhance engagement and build brand loyalty

Superior Data Quality Enabled In-App

Remove imaging challenges that would normally affect the user experience (and effectiveness of the app); high-quality images are created by software running natively on the device

Advanced Check Classification

Better manage your bank’s risk, and release funds based on type of check: government, U.S. Treasury, printed payroll, two-party business, money orders, cashier’s checks, etc.

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