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Ideal for any Business

Reduce unfunded accounts in banking applications, and decrease shopping cart abandonment at point-of-sale in online retail environments; customers can fund a new checking account, or snap and pay for a pizza, an airline ticket, a college application or an insurance co-pay

Server-Side Mobile Extraction

Deploy the industry’s only server-side payment card extraction solution, critical for mobile browser onboarding applications

Native Mobile App and Mobile Web Support

Employ the only server-side payment card extraction solution on the market, with support for both mobile app and mobile web use cases; on-device embossed credit card extraction is available

Comprehensive Data Capture and Extraction

Provide support for bank-issued credit and debit cards; offers automatic data extraction of card number, expiration month, and expiration year fields, as well as card type (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX)

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