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Empower Customers with Real-Time Data and Communication

Gain customer satisfaction with communication that is transactional, not just informational. Support multiple points of real-time customer engagement and deliver more services via your customers’ preferred channel.

Achieve Actionable Insights into Mobile Capture Performance

Employ advanced mobile analytics to gain actionable insights into accuracy and performance of users, devices and documents. With that information, you can implement usability improvements to optimize the customer experience and enable right-channeling capabilities.

Control Every Step in the Process Through a Single Platform

Meet evolving customer demands using advanced customization and configurable control tools powered by a single, open platform. Leverage the platform to control image processing, data classification and extraction, validation, business rules, exception handling and more.

Save Resources with Mobile Self-Service

Enable your customers to self-serve, and empower them with image-perfecting technology that accurately extracts data (no manual entry), resulting in superior customer experiences, fewer errors, and greater efficiencies for your business.

Reduce Time-to-Market by Extending to New Use Cases

Build and deploy solutions such as bill pay, remote deposit, customer onboarding, mortgage origination and new account openings—all from the same platform. Repurpose these applications into your own intellectual property (e.g., account transfer, balance transfer). This reduces time to market, improves process performance and captures better data.

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